Documentation of neonatal anthropometrics at birth in rural South Africa

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Klinik / Institut / Zentrum Infektiologie - Institute of Global Health
Doktorvater / -mutter Prof. Dr. Till Bärnighausen
Ansprechpartner Dr. Jan-Walter De Neve (
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  • klinisch retrospektiv
Thema der Promotion Documentation of neonatal anthropometrics at birth in rural South Africa
Voraussichtliche Dauer (in Monaten) 9-12
davon in Vollzeit (in Monaten) 6
Startzeitpunkt Flexible

Neonatal anthropometrics (weight, length, head circumference) are important parameters to measure at birth. They are indicators of neonatal health at birth, predict future health outcomes, and are an important baseline measure for monitoring infant nutritional status over time. One marker of postnatal and neonatal care quality is documentation of neonatal anthropometry at birth. The proposed research project is to identify the proportion of infants who had anthropometric measures documented in their immunisation booklet at birth. The student will be closely supervised and instructed by a postdoctoral researcher and will work with the statistical software package STATA.


We aim to measure one marker of postnatal care quality which is documentation of neonatal anthropometry at birth. Other outcomes will be proportion of neonates with low birth weight, and proportion of premature infants. The project uses secondary data from a trial conducted in South Africa.


Strukturierte Betreuung

One-on-one monthly meetings with a postdoctoral research fellow, potential participation in PhD workshops.



Finanzielle Unterstützung

We aim to publish results in leading scientific journals and students will have the opportunity to take first authorship.


No primary data collection required. If interested, kindly send a detailed CV in English including a brief statement of motivation expressing your reasons for being interested in this particular project to and to the secretariat of Prof. Dr. Bärnighausen (


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