Health care costs and value of life in global health

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Klinik / Institut / Zentrum Infektiologie - Institut für Public Health
Doktorvater / -mutter Prof. Dr. Dr. Till Bärnighausen
Ansprechpartner Dr. Stefan Kohler
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Beschreibung der Arbeit

Art der Arbeit
  • klinisch retrospektiv
  • theoretisch
Thema der Promotion Health care costs and value of life in global health
Voraussichtliche Dauer (in Monaten) 24-30
davon in Vollzeit (in Monaten) 12
Startzeitpunkt sofort

Retrospective statistical analysis of health care cost and value of life data. Data for secondary analysis is readily available and was collected within studies on HIV care, sex work, and pregnancy care. Study settings are in Tanzania and South Africa.


Health care cost and value of life data are collected on an ongoing basis in global health studies by the Heidelberg Institute of Public Health. Statistical description and analysis is available for doctoral research on different topics relating to health care cost and value of life in the areas of in HIV care, sex work, and pregnancy care among other fields of global health. Doctoral thesis projects will produce a first descriptive analysis of original data already collected and interpret results, for instance, in comparison to other countries, in relation to access to care, or with respect to equity of the distribution of health care costs and benefits. Specific thesis topics will be determined in a discussion between interested students and the supervisor.


Strukturierte Betreuung

Doctoral students will meet with the supervisor on a regular basis. Participation in doctoral students seminars and other seminars of the Institut of Public Health is encouraged and expected. Students will be provided guidance to select online course which allow them to attain skills needed for successful completion of the doctoral research project.


Strong interest in quantitative research and methods. Willingness to acquire and/or expand statistical and data management skills through self-study, peer-teaching and/or online courses in a supervised learning environment. Willingness to write and work in English.

Finanzielle Unterstützung

Not available.


The thesis should result in one or more publications. The doctoral candidate can be the first author and should have motivation, interest and perseverance to bring her/his doctoral research to publication.


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