Ageing, hypertension care, and cardiovascular risk factors in rural Burkina Faso

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Anbieter der Doktorarbeit

Klinik / Institut / Zentrum Infektiologie - Institut für Public Health
Doktorvater / -mutter Prof. Dr. Till Bärnighausen
Ansprechpartner Dr. Pascal Geldsetzer
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Beschreibung der Arbeit

Art der Arbeit
  • experimentell
  • klinisch retrospektiv
Thema der Promotion Ageing, hypertension care, and cardiovascular risk factors in rural Burkina Faso
Voraussichtliche Dauer (in Monaten) 6-9
davon in Vollzeit (in Monaten) 6

Randomized trial
Population-based household survey
Qualitative research
Simple regressions for cross-sectional data


This project consists of three components, all taking place in rural Burkina Faso (Nouna): i) a randomized implementation trial using community health workers to improve hypertension care; ii) a population-based household survey to assess quality of life and cardiovascular risk factor prevalence; and iii) qualitative research to characterize views on aging, quality of life, cardiovascular health, and healthcare supply in the area. We are looking for someone who could spend 3-6 months in Burkina Faso to help implement these studies - starting in Fall or Winter this year. The student would be very welcome to lead as many papers (as first author) as he/she would like to (more data will be available than people to analyze it all!).


Strukturierte Betreuung

Doctoral students will meet the supervisor on a regular basis and participate in team calls with the wider study team.


- Interest to learn or knowledge in basic statistical methods (and a stats software, such as Stata or R) and qualitative research methods.
- Willingness to spend a few months in Burkina Faso
- Must speak English; knowledge in French is a bonus

Finanzielle Unterstützung

There would be financial support for the stay in Burkina Faso. We are looking into funding opportunities for work done before and after the Burkina trip.


Co-authorship on all papers arising from the project; first authorship on as many papers as the student would like to lead (3-5 first-authored papers would easily be possible).


Stay in Nouna, Burkina Faso, for 3-6 months to support study implementation.


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