Antenatal care patient expenditure in rural South Africa

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Klinik / Institut / Zentrum Infektiologie - Institute of Global Health
Doktorvater / -mutter Prof. Dr. Till Bärnighausen
Ansprechpartner Dr. Jan-Walter De Neve (
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  • klinisch retrospektiv
Thema der Promotion Antenatal care patient expenditure in rural South Africa
Voraussichtliche Dauer (in Monaten) 9-12
davon in Vollzeit (in Monaten) 6
Startzeitpunkt Flexibel

Although South Africa offers health services free of charge in the public sector, many patients incur additional costs for transport, childcare, food, income losses due to time spent attending services, and accessing other complementary services such as traditional healers. In rural South Africa, these additional costs are expected to have a major impact on households given that many are low-income households and unemployment rates are high. Using data from a health service trial conducted in the area, we aim to estimate the `true´ costs of health care to residents in this setting. The student will be closely supervised and instructed by postdoctoral researcher with longstanding experience with such analyses. Students will work with the statistical software package STATA.


The proposed research project is to indentify the `true´ cost of health care in a rural socio-economically deprived setting, using secondary data from sturctured surveys nested with a cluster-randomised trial. The trial was conducted at primary care clinics.


Strukturierte Betreuung

One-on-one monthly meetings with a postdoctoral research fellow, potential participation in PhD workshops.



Finanzielle Unterstützung

We aim to publish results in leading scientific journals and students will have the opportunity to take first authorship.


No primary data collection required, kindly send a detailed CV in English including a brief statement of motivation expressing your reasons for being innterested in this particular project to and to the secretariat of Prof. Dr. Bärnighausen (


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